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Finding Resiliency in Emerging Asia (w/ James Crabtree)

by Steve Stine

My guest this week is James Crabtree, an Associate Professor at the Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy and a frequent commentator across news outlets here and abroad. In a recent Foreign Policy article entitled “The End of Emerging Markets,” James outlined many of his concerns as efforts are made to weather the Covid storm.

In this episode, we visit the developing markets of South and Southeast Asia. Well, maybe “visit” isn’t the right word. Most emerging markets in this part of the world remain locked down. This, in contrast to China, Europe and North America where re-opening is the theme of the day. It’s a balancing act between containing Covid and resuscitating economies on life-support.

It’s laudable that markets in this region are airing on the side of safeguarding the health and safety of its citizens. But its equally concerning – because in emerging markets at least – poor economic performance can quickly lead to political unrest.